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Man of versatile talents

Przegląd Australijski, luty 2008

I met Mr Dudzinski approximately 20 years ago.

At that time Mr Dudzinski was organising an International Violin Competition in Adelaide. I quickly became intrigued and fascinated and began, in a very small way, to assist him.

It wasn’t long before I began to fully discover Mr Dudzinski’s versatile talents and untiring ability to undertake work within the Polish community of SA. I watched him, I listened and observed first hand, his quiet determination, commitment and professional dignity.

To my delight I also realized that many of his wide-spread tasks were achieved with a dry sense of humour and diplomacy. I am sure that Mr Dudzinski’s good mannered persistence achieved many results and successes others may have given up on. After all, Mr Dudzinski lobbied government for grant money and succeeded in getting it for an event never before staged in Australia. I feel honoured to have spent a short period of time in Mr Dudzinski’s company and to have witnessed his unfailing work for the community.

I do not see this lovely man often these days but when I do I continue to be charmed by him - and I ponder? … do people know how much he has contributed over the years – most probably not… perhaps it’s time they knew…

Halina Wiseman

Powrót: Jerzy Dudziński - Legenda Adelajdzkiej Polonii

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